Maesteg East ward has FIVE Town Councillors and you can contact them as follows:-

Councillor Lynne Beedle (Labour)

2, Chestnut Grove, Maesteg, CF34 0NT

Telephone: 01656 736954

Committees: Full Council, Finance, Planning, Events, Rights of Way, Reading, Property, Personnel/Appointments, Website



Councillor Keith Edwards (Labour)

140, Mill View, Maesteg, CF34 0DD

Telephone: 01656 734379


(*Keith is also a County Borough Councillor representing Maesteg East Ward on Bridgend County Borough Council)

Committees: Full Council, Finance, Projects, Reading 



Councillor Phil Jenkins (Labour) - Deputy Mayor 

10, Brodawel, Maesteg, CF34 0LL

Telephone: 01656 738965

Committees: Full Council, Planning, Events, Reading, Health and Safety, Property; appointed representative on BCBC Town & Community Council Forum and Llynfi Valley River Care & Environment Group.


Councillor Idris Williams (Labour)

18, Brookfield Road, Maesteg, CF34 0NJ

 Telephone: 01656 736402

 Committees: Full Council, Planning, Projects, Health & Safety (Chair)

                                        Councillor Bill May (Labour)

                                            21, Duke Street, Maesteg, CF34 0LR

                                            Telephone: 01656 739582

                                            Committees:  Full Council, Finance (Chair), Projects (Chair), Reading