Launch of all-new website & promotional video

Posted 11/15/2013

Maesteg Town Council hosted the local business community and representatives of groups and organisations from across the Llynfi Valley yesterday evening (14/11/13) at an event to launch its all-new website and a short video based on promoting the town. 

Attended by near 100 guests, the evening began with an introduction from The Mayor - Councillor Ross Thomas - who spoke of the great community spirit in the valley and the need to share what is great about Maesteg, both locally and further afield.  Moreover, The Mayor emphasised Maesteg Town Council's role in standing together with businesses, traders and community groups in   (His speech can be found at the bottom of this article).  

Guests were given a preview of the video which officially appears on the Home page of the new-look website this morning (15/11/13).  

Feedback from all sections of the community was tremendously positive and the video was widely recognised as capturing the very heart and soul of what Maesteg is all about.  

Members of Maesteg Town Council would like to put on record their thanks for the professional work of both Phil and Chris Davies of Scenic Gallery in producing the video from its early embryonic stages, right the way through to its unveiling.  In addition, a big thank you to our Clerk and Deputy Clerk for liaising closely with Scenic Gallery and Members of the Events Committee to bring together a final product.

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Cynghorwyr.  Foneddigion a boneddigesau.

Ar ran Cyngor Tref Maesteg, croeso cynnes iawn i’r Neuadd y Dref.

Fellow Councillors.  Ladies & gentlemen. 

On behalf of Maesteg Town Council, a very warm welcome to Maesteg Town Hall.

Can I firstly thank each and every one of you for making the effort and coming along – I think the attendance here this evening speaks volumes for the one thing we all share in common – and that is a passion for our town. 

And it is a passion for Maesteg that forms the main ingredient and brings us together this evening.

Now, at Maesteg Town Council, we have been busy recently working with Scenic Gallery to put together a video which we think captures everything that is great about Maesteg; our talent (both young and not so young); our music and song; our range of local businesses (both new and old) including the all-new Market; and our sense of togetherness.

It’s about promoting that positive message – admittedly in difficult times – and demonstrating that Maesteg has such a great deal to offer. 

Now, many of you will be aware that Maesteg Town Council hosted its first ever ‘homegrown’ Festival during May and June of this year – a jam packed four weeks with over a dozen events taking place, including a choral evening and joint dramatic and operatic production here in the Town Hall, a fun day at Maesteg Welfare Park and a closing show where a 9-year-old doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk was on stage just minutes before Maesteg Gleemen – yes, that shows how varied the talent is in Maesteg! 

I speak of course of the Maesteg’s Got Talent competition, and overall the Festival was considered an unprecedented success and I am tremendously proud of my Council’s proactive tenacity and energy in delivering such a wide programme of events. 

(It would be remiss of me at this point not to mention that, without the support and enthusiasm of the many groups, organisations and choirs that played a part in the Festival, it simply wouldn’t have come to fruition – so thank you to everyone that played a role.)

For the traders and businesspeople amongst you this evening:-

There is no doubting that the economy is suffering – irrespective of what the Governor of the Bank of England might say.

Businesses are finding it tough.

But the risks of standing still and simply weathering the storm are only too obvious.  Maesteg Town Council stands with you in wanting to promote the very best that Maesteg offers, welcoming people from near and far to explore our town.

And for the community groups, organisations and choirs amongst you:-

The huge pool of talent we have is second to none, ranging from the Amateur Operatic Society to any one of the dozen or so choirs and younger dance groups – in addition to the people who give, give more and give again of their free time to make this community great.

Maesteg Town Council stands with you in supporting the community spirit that is the very bedrock of this valley.

We know what makes Maesteg great – let’s share it and make sure others know too.